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Manage and Resolve Your Strata and Co-op Housing Disputes with Intercultural Mediation 

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Helps you get past what’s right and what’s wrong ... to what is possible.


Whether you’re seeking advice on how to approach a housing conflict, or need assistance understanding the nuances of building a new life in Canada, we are here to give you the attention and guidance you deserve.


Contact us today to create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone ... and neither will you.

Transformative Solutions


Intercultural Mediation opens the lines of communication between people of different backgrounds to resolve housing disputes before taking them to court. We work with newcomers to Canada to explain local cultural practices and enable you to have a productive dialogue about finding solutions to your needs.

The mediation process costs far less than going to court and is less stressful because the goal isn’t to prove who’s right or wrong, it’s about finding an arrangement that works best for all parties involved. 

Because there is is no requirement to disclose information, mediation protects your privacy so you can feel free to openly discuss your concerns about your living situation and the solutions you hope to achieve.

Inter-ethnic and inter-religious mediation de-escalates conflict by giving everyone a chance to be heard and to clear the air which minimizes anger and harsh feelings, and can even lead to an enhanced relationship between you and the other party.

In addition to mediation services, New Prospects Dispute Resolution offers one-on-one coaching sessions for newcomers to learn about Canadian culture, to pinpoint your personal goals and needs, and to identify and create workable solutions for developing your talents and marketing yourself.

We are here to ensure your success.

What Maria Can Do For You


Using my life experience as a newcomer and knowledge of strata and co-op housing disputes, I will help you mediate solutions to a variety of issues between owners, tenants and strata corporations. 

As as a mediator, I have the ability to perceive the cultural differences that affect thoughts, emotions, and actions among people from diverse cultures, and excel at alleviating stress and confusion as parties work toward a situation.

As a conflict coach, my expertise lies in my ability to build understanding between conflicting parties, and help them focus on the future by devising a strategy to move forward together.

I want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you're seeking a process guide to help you make decisions, or specific advice on how to deal with housing and other issues of living in a new country, I will coach you!

Call now and together we will create and refine your plan for success.

About Maria Constantinescu


Founder of New Prospects Dispute Resolution, Maria Constantinescu is a mediator, trainer, facilitator, and conflict coach who uses her decades of legal and alternative dispute resolution experience to help you achieve a confidential and cost-effective solution to your housing disputes.

Maria’s combination of legal and coaching expertise, tenacity, and intuition, along with her background as an immigrant to Canada, gives her a unique perspective that enables her to effectively mediate issues involving newcomers and their living situations, as well as other concerns they commonly encounter.

Certified in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute, Maria also holds a foreign law degree and has been a member of the Attorney General’s Mediation roster since 2016. Her ongoing training in conflict analysis and management keeps her up to date and enhances her private practice as a mediator, trainer, facilitator, and conflict coach.

Through New Prospects Dispute Resolution, Maria brings the benefits of mediation and conflict coaching services to both individuals and organizations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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